In The Siege of Darkness, the Drow were defeated in their attempt to capture Mithril Hall and retreated to Menzoberanzian. What if they didn’t? What if they defeated the Dwarf King and his companions? They would stay and secure their foothold onto the surface. Just a handful of goodly folk escaped the wrath of the Drow. All had grim tales to tell, especially Regis, a Halfling known to be close friends of The Companions of the Hall. No tales were as tragic as his were. The Silver Marches are stunned and have put out word that “for the good of all goodly folk” the Drow cannot remain in Mithril Hall.

The turning point in my take was that Errtu never gave the Tanarri the anti-magic stone. Think about it. What would of happened?

Originally this game was intender for “good” players, I let them vote. Evil it is so let the fun begin.

What if the Drow took Mythril Hall